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Sarah Stone Spotlight Interview – September Newsletter

Tracy Carter: Today we are excited to have with us Sarah Stone, entrepreneur and Owner/CEO of Illumination Creative Group. Sarah is one of the dynamic presenters at EmpowHERment’s EntrepreneuHER Academy, which will equip and encourage up and coming entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills integral to starting and maintaining a successful business. Welcome Sarah! So tell us…what inspired you to develop your business idea, and how did you get started?

Sarah Stone: I was working as a GM at a design and print company in Tampa, from 2001 - 2011. I watched the day to day activities and how the market and client base were changing as the increase of online systems became more dominant, I saw the need to pivot and provide a more personalize touch for certain clients that needed it, not everything can be automated, so after some frustrations I made a decision to leave and start my own business. It had been a thought for a while but when you are not 100% happy where you are, it can be a great catalyst to make changes.

TC: That’s great! What resources were most helpful to you when you were in the planning stages?