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Forming of new friendships - The Unity of EmpowHERment

We create events, workshops and gatherings with intention. At EmpowHERment we strive to bring women together. Our focus is as always to help all women rise. As we gather, our diverse voices harmonize into a powerful chorus of solidarity. United, we are a force, standing shoulder to shoulder, embracing our shared journey, and finding strength in our collective spirit. Thank you Megan for joining us in Clearwater, being present and for sharing your words below. Also thank you @TheRealKRey for bringing us all together and facilitating this event.

“Strength in Sisterhood” Networking event Testimonial; My Experience

“After Three years of following the intriguing and inspiring organization, EmpowHERment, I finally dared to step out of my own head and comfort zone to attend a powerful networking event hosted for women, by women.

Walking through the front doors of this organization I had adored from afar, I felt one thing and one thing only. Acceptance. I BELONGED here.

The familiar jittery high school feeling of “Are they going to like me?” instantly melted away with the evening breeze.

The ever-present feeling of imposter syndrome of “Am I good enough to be here?” was dismantled as soon as the door closed behind me and I was greeted with the smile that I had only just seen on social media, that smile belonged to the CEO and founder and fellow purpose chaser, Ambee Stephens.

The greeting was warm, the company vibrant, and the minds brilliant.

I had arrived. Here is where my people are. I instantly felt the tingling of new friendships forging,new bonds being created and I could see that this was a forever place for me, within the first 5 minutes of being here.

As a budding entrepreneur and women’s empowerment coach myself, one of my prayers has been for God to lead me to a group of like-minded women who would become friends, a place that housed support beyond words, encouragement through actions, and empowerment through sisterhood. A place where I could thrive and help others thrive, a place that was truly built for the greater good. This was it. This is that place.

EmpowHERment is a safe place to share, to listen, and to heal. I came home that evening with my cheeks sore from the laughs, eyes red from the tears (happy tears), and a fire in my spirit.

Thank you Ambee and the amazing women of EmpowHERment for your dedication to your calling and purpose and thank you for creating such an empowering place for women, who like me, are searching for a new type of sisterhood and another place to call home. You have now taken up space in my heart and in my life. I am excited to see and be a part of what the future holds, for all of us.”

Megan De La Concha

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1 comentário

Poetry Veguez
Poetry Veguez
06 de nov. de 2023

I love this 🥹 that room was truly a safe space for all of us that day 👏

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