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Our Offerings

Today, the EmpowHERment Community Center is a safe place for women to grow together financially, emotionally and physically as we offer workshops for self-sufficiency, co-working space for potential entrepreneurs, a hygiene pantry, support groups, and an warm hand off resource program designed for personal and private relief.  We provide a space for women who need or desire support, those who are looking to elevate their current professional and/or personal growth, receive additional education and everything in between. we spread a wide net by offering a variety of all inclusive offerings.

All of our programs are at no cost. Learn more about our initiatives and get involved yourself.

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Monthly Empowerment Meeting Events

Each month, we host topics that teach women how to rise. From teaching self care, to healthy cooking events, our no - cost workshops teach women skills that  empower them in in all aspects of their lives. They also benefit from the supportive group setting of the event.

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At EmpowHERment, we believe in helping women start and distend their business. Teaching lean start up methodology, BMC, design thinking and more to really help expand your capabilities to thrive. 

Take advantage of our resources and offerings below.

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Weekly Gatherings

Our weekly gatherings encompass financial wellness workshops, healing and wellness sessions, and networking events, all designed to empower you on your journey toward a healthier, more prosperous, and well-connected life. Check of events calendar for more information. 

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All Inclusive Coworking Space & Hygiene Pantry

Our CoWorking space is designed for entrepreneurs that have outgrown their office or may not have one available. This space is designed for a quieter, private space to work, meet with clients, and host training, seminars, and workshops on site. 

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