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Express Feedback For Good Spotlight with Chanita Gooden –

Tracy Carter: Today in the Spotlight, we have with us Ms. Chanita Gooden. She's a team captain who has done a phenomenal job in supporting EmpowHERment by signing up 11 people and raising $1154 so far by participating in the completion of Express Feedback For Good surveys. Chanita is also the first person to get her 75 surveys completed, as well as make sure her team also finished their 75. EmpowHERment’s Express Feedback For Good goal is $20,000 this year. The money is going toward funding professional training for staff, hiring trauma consultants to expand our resources, updating technology at the center, and raise funding for our one to one support services program. Thank you so much, Chanita, for all of your support. You guys are amazing!

Chanita Gooden: Thank you! (Smiling)

TC: Now, can you tell us a little bit about your experience with the Express Feedback For Good surveys?

CG: Yes, my experience with Express Feedback was good. I believe effective feedback has benefits for the giver, the receiver, and the wide organization. It’s good to give praise for things well done.

TC: Well said, well said, and I want to tell you a little bit about our mission, which I know that you're aware of already, but I'm going to read it. Our mission is to empower all women by fostering the skills and resources needed to obtain self-sufficiency in finances, mental/emotional wellness, and the cultivation of relationships.

What excites you most about EmpowHERment’s mission? What about the mission do you connect with the most?

CG: I definitely connect with EmpowHERment’s mission myself, by being a single mom. As a single mom, you need support sometimes. The feeling of not having anywhere to go for support can be very overwhelming. So this place, EmpowHERment, it's like a breath reliever.

TC: That's a very powerful testimony that I think is definitely going to help other women to know what EmpowHERment is all about, and how they can feel supported.

CG: Definitely.

TC: And who did you enlist to help you with getting all of these surveys done?

CG: I actually reached out to a lot of my co-workers that are single mothers now. They wanted to help EmpowHERment with donations, and they didn’t have the funds to. So, this is a great opportunity to do that by doing these surveys and giving their honest input.

TC: Exactly, I'm glad that you said that because a lot of people do want to know how they can contribute, what they can do to help, because they really stand behind the mission, and it's good to know that there are ways to do that, even if someone's not able to give financially. So, this provided a great way for people to give.

CG: Absolutely.

TC: And as a reminder, anyone who completes 75 surveys will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win some pretty awesome prizes, the prizes include a photo session with Navimaging, a $100 gift card to a restaurant of your choice, a brand new Tory Burch bag, a two night stay at the Doubletree on Clearwater Beach, or one night stay at a brand new Tampa Airbnb. So, those are some pretty awesome prizes that people have an opportunity to win if they complete those 75 surveys.

What about that raffle are you most excited about, Chanita?

CG: The raffle has very nice gifts. I like all the gifts (both chuckling), so if I get one, I'm happy. I'm not picky. If not, I'll be happy for whoever gets it. (both chuckling)

TC: I agree you can't go wrong. Whatever prizes that you win, you cannot go wrong because these are really great prizes, and I think also the reward is being able to give and contribute to the cause itself.

CG: Correct. Absolutely.

TC: What advice do you have for others who want to get involved with Express Feedback For Good to help EmpowHERment?

CG: My advice for others who want to get involved with Express Feedback to help EmpowHERment is to please take a few minutes of your busy schedule, and do the surveys and you'll be able to help out the organization. Every survey counts!

TC: Absolutely, every survey counts! Even for those who can't reach 75, even if they're just able to do a handful of surveys, that definitely contributes to what EmpowHERment is trying to do for the community.

CG: Yes.

TC: Yes. So we definitely appreciate you and your team. I thank you again for the tremendous amount of support that you've shown to EmpowHERment. You and your team are greatly appreciated, we just want you to know that, and for those of you who haven't signed up already, the surveys will be open through May 11th. Text her, “H-E-R” to 31996 to start taking surveys to raise money for EmpowHERment. Thank you (to Chanita).

CG: Thank you.

Text HER to 31996 now to get signed up for Express Feedback for Good! The fundraising period ends on May 11th, so let’s kick some butt like Chanita!

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