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Anyone have a favorite local workout class?

Poetry Veguez

Yes!!! I found central cycling about 4 months ago and have not stopped since!

It is so fun, and energizing. I never knew I would love spin as much as I do and it has made a dent in my post partum weight loss/health journey. I can’t get enough! They are located in downtown St Pete. And their community is the fitness version of empowHERment community!! Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging and lifting each other up. The instructors are like therapists and life coaches. So inspirational. Everything gets a good scrub there, my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being!

Classes are $20 and they do accept ClassPass.

They have a BOGO deal for locals! And three different styles of classes

Body Burn


Energy Blast


Recently I've been loving a 15-20 minute floor Pilates class. I just use my computer and I look up classes on YouTube. It has been giving me so much energy, and confidence when I see the muscles I have created 💪

Poetry Veguez

Has anyone tried mouth tape? It can help you breath through your nose during sleep and it strengthens the jawline too:)

Did you know??

Did you know that Apple Launched a Journal App with the 17.2 IOS Update?

There are custom prompts that generate daily, and you can even set a daily reminder to journal!

Nicole Ann


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