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Struggling to stay consistent with your creative goals? Remember this:

🖼find the pockets of time: we all say "I don't have time" wayyy too often, look for the small moments throughout your day that you can sneak in some creative stuff: during your lunch break, in the early mornings, waiting for an appointment, etc.

🖼 limit your distractions: create the kind of space that you can easily focus. Turn off your notifications a quiet corner, use noise cancelling headphones, etc,

🖼 committing to making it a habit: even if you only have time for a small amount of effort, keeping a regular creative practice will help grow your skills and keep your creativity flowing!! Don't put it off because you don't have the desired amount of time to get into it, because a little bit each day is better than constantly putting it off instead ❤️

What have you guys been up to? Do you have any other tips for staying comsistent or do any of these resonate with you!

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