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Struggling to stay consistent with your creative goals? Remember this:

🖼find the pockets of time: we all say "I don't have time" wayyy too often, look for the small moments throughout your day that you can sneak in some creative stuff: during your lunch break, in the early mornings, waiting for an appointment, etc.

🖼 limit your distractions: create the kind of space that you can easily focus. Turn off your notifications a quiet corner, use noise cancelling headphones, etc,

3 tips for increasing creativity 🖼

  1. Dedicating creative time- The same way that excersising regularly helps to make your body stronger, regular creativity helps strengthen your creative muscles. Some creative exercises you can incorporate: journaling, mind mapping, doodling, free flowing artistic expression

  2. Fostering a curious mindset- ask questions, challenge assumptions, seek alternative viewpoints. Approach things with a childlike wonder! Curiosity allows you to explore new possibilities and look at familiar things from a fresh angle :)

  3. Embrace diverse experiences- widen your range of activities. Expose yourself to different perspectives, cultures, and/or disciplines. You can do his by reading books, exploring art, traveling, trying new hobbies, and/or learning about topics outside of your comfort zone.

sarah stone

Hey creatives 🎨

I recently discovered a new podcast that has been SUPER helpful for me! The last episode I listened to helped me learn about impostor syndrome and how to overcome it. t's geared towards creatives that want to turn/incorporate their art into their profession!

The Professional Creative - Bonnie Christine

Hi creatives!! What are you working on today? 🎨🖌

What is everybody getting creative with?

Today I am;

• Designing a postcard • Printing out maps of my family's home/street for a gift at Christmas. (it's going to be more exciting than it sounds)

• Baking

sarah stone
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