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If anyone on here has an iPad I recommend procreate! It does cost money but it has so many brushes and you can paint without the mess lol :)

Hey Creatives!!!

What's your favorite project that you've worked on??

I've recently had the pleasure of editing Ambee Stephen's poetry book "Hello Somebody", and I think this project and all the love poured into it is phenomenal ❤️

Whats everyone doing to be creative this week?!

Poetry Veguez

Struggling to stay consistent with your creative goals? Remember this:

🖼find the pockets of time: we all say "I don't have time" wayyy too often, look for the small moments throughout your day that you can sneak in some creative stuff: during your lunch break, in the early mornings, waiting for an appointment, etc.

🖼 limit your distractions: create the kind of space that you can easily focus. Turn off your notifications a quiet corner, use noise cancelling headphones, etc,

Nicole Ann


Calling All Creatives! Our community is a haven for imaginat...
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